[maemo-developers] Proposal: Karma-Whores protection mailing list

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 4 14:11:46 EET 2010
ext Ed Bartosh <bartosh at gmail.com> writes:

> I'll definitely find a time to do whatever is needed. Moreover, I was
> asking couple of times already if it's time to enable optification by
> default in autobuilder. I was given an answer that some testing is
> still needed. I think Marius should know the latest status.

I still have to do something about the Python optification.  I will do
that in the next few days.  The 'something' will likely be some way to
detect the relevant packages and to stop optifying them in auto mode.
(Indirect dependencies are a bit expensive to follow, so my current idea
is that I go with a list of direct dependencies instead.)

Also, I want to improve the heuristic and the official rules for
optification together that using maemo-optify will automatically make
your package conform to the rules.  In other words, I want to avoid the
situation where you need to do more than using maemo-optify to satisfy
the QA criteria about optification.

My current idea is that we will have a rule that takes in ratios: You
need to have 20 times as many bytes (uncompressed) on the eMMC than on
the OneNAND.  The idea with this is that when all packages conform to
this, your will most probably run out of eMMC before you run out of

I'll try to do that in the next few days as well.
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