[maemo-developers] row-activate signal for HildonTouchSelector

From: Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Date: Mon Jan 4 17:56:17 EET 2010
At Mon, 04 Jan 2010 13:58:52 +0100,
Neal H. Walfield wrote:
> I want to use the HildonTouchSelector widget to enable the user to
> select an item from a list.  I want an action to occur when the user
> "clicks" on an item.  I don't want the user to have to press another
> button.
> The HildonTouchSelector widget provides a "changed" signal.  This is
> emtited when the active item changes.  This appears to be due to the
> user selecting an item (even the preselected one) or an item (perhaps
> the active item?) in the model changing via, e.g., a "row-changed"
> signal.
> I need to distinguish between these two cases.  I only want to act if
> the user actually "clicked" on an item.  That is, I want the behavior
> that the media player implements, e.g., in its "select artist" view.
> Will someone please suggest how to best achieve this?

After some investigation, it seems that setting the
HildonTouchSelector widget to be in HILDON_UI_MODE_NORMAL causes
"changed" to exhibit the above behavior.

I now have a new problem.  When calling
hildon_touch_seletor_select_iter, the "changed" signal is emitted but
hildon_touch_selector_get_last_activated_row does not reflect the
newly selected row.  Any ideas?



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