[maemo-developers] Continued outages and lame updates

From: Jeff Moe moe at blagblagblag.org
Date: Tue Jan 5 00:53:10 EET 2010
On Monday 04 January 2010 19:40:59 Qole wrote:
> Jeff,
> I want to say that you have been very helpful to me and others in the
> maemo.org community. Thank you very much.


> But your style can come across as being somewhat aggressive, and can
> sometimes obscure your message.
> I too frequently suffer from this problem. I find that thinking of the
> recipients and subjects of my posts as friends and peers can really help.
> Would I use the same tone when talking to my friend about another friend?

You should see what it's like down here!  hah. ;)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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