[maemo-developers] Finger-Friendly Entry Completion/ComboboxEntry

From: Brent Chiodo bchiodo at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 6 00:15:29 EET 2010
I'm trying to add search history support to a hildon.Entry but am having a
bit of trouble. In short, I want to have the user type into the entry and if
what they are typing is present in their history, have a list appear showing
what their current entry matches in their history. If the user taps on an
item in the list, it should set the entry to that value (basically a
gtk.ComboboxEntry that is populated based on what the user has currently
entered into the entry).

Looking through the PyGTK widgets, it seemed that a gtk.EntryCompletion was
exactly what I was looking for. I tried creating a hildon.Entry and using
the .set_completion() method to set the entry but that doesn't appear to
work very well. The main problems are:

1) The generated list doesn't seem to popup reliably (sometimes it will,
sometimes it won't)
2) The rows in the popup aren't clickable -- you can select them via the
up/down then return buttons on the keyboard, but are not directly clickable.
3) The rows aren't finger-friendly at all (not that you can click them

So, how would I go about creating the above? It is doable, because I pretty
much need to know how to make something like the builtin browser uses in
it's toolbar (actually, the browser search bar is exactly what I want to
implement, I just don't know what widget(s) are required to do it).

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

Brent Chiodo
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