[maemo-developers] can't install application to phone from local repository

From: ibrahim ibrahim.ali at asgatech.com
Date: Wed Jan 6 15:05:38 EET 2010
Kees Jongenburger wrote:
> Hi ibrahim,
> On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 11:37 AM, ibrahim <ibrahim.ali at asgatech.com> wrote:
>> cheers;
>> I created a local repository to host some test applications for Maemo
>> fremantle device - and YES, the repository folders are visible to the phone-
>> Added some packages and ran the "dpkg-scanpackages" utility to generate the
>> "Package " and "Package.gz" files with no errors.
> Check your webserver's error logs. perhaps you only think you did the
> right thing and you might see http 404 messages(file not found)
the following is logged to the server's log "access.log" file just after 
I click on the .install file :
// installing from the .install file
::ffff: - [05/Jan/2010:09:45:12 +0200] "GET 
/repo/dists/fremantle/Release.gpg HTTP/1.1" 404 345 "-" "Debian 
APT-HTTP/1.3 ("
::ffff: - [05/Jan/2010:09:45:12 +0200] "GET 
/repo/dists/fremantle/Release HTTP/1.1" 404 345 "-" "Debian APT-HTTP/1.3 
::ffff: - [05/Jan/2010:09:45:13 +0200] "GET 
/repo/dists/fremantle/free/binary-armel/Packages.gz HTTP/1.1" 200 236 
"-" "Debian APT-HTTP/1.3 ("
it fails to get Release.gpg and Release, as they don't exist - i didn't 
generate them - , BUT it succeeds to get the package description file 
'Packages.gz' , the one i already generated with the scanpackages command.
Nothing more, the phone's App manager didn't even try to access the 
actual package ".deb" from the server  - although the App Manager tells 
me Application Package not found , it didn't even try to look for it on 
the server with any given path so the server returns 404 code
>> _the contents of the Package file :_
>>   Section: base
>>   Priority: optional
>>   Description: Hello World When you need some sunshine, just run this
>> small program!
> Do check if all those files are still in the Pacakges. the
> dpkg-scanpackages will remove fields  it doesn't know be default(the
> Section and icons for example).
I doubt that, looking at Maemo extra repository's  'Packages' file 
showed me that things like Section and icons dont exist.

>> the directory structure of my local repository is :
>> /var/www/repo/dists/fremantle/free/binary-armel/
>> so, the url to the package files is :
>> http://<local-ip>/repo/dists/fremantle/free/binary-armel/
>> <http://%3clocal-ip%3e/repo/dists/fremantle/free/binary-armel/>
> you might want to look a what extra's devel's structure looks like
> #source.list
> #extras-devel
> deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/ fremantle free non-free
> deb-src http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/ fremantle free
> but on on the website
> http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/dists/fremantle/free/
> notice the "dists" and the location where the Packages file ends up
> http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/dists/fremantle/free/binary-armel/Packages
> The thing also is that your package has arch set to "all". but start
> looking at your servers logs.
> Greetings
I did exactly the same as Maemo extras repository did on my local 
reposidtor , the same folder structure


and even i moved my package files to the pool/ directory as extra repo 
did, BUT no use!
any help is highly appreciated!
thanx again for your response

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