[maemo-developers] Storing passwords on Maemo 5

From: Edward Page eopage at byu.net
Date: Wed Jan 6 20:15:29 EET 2010
> I'm developing an app for Maemo 5 and I have to store a username/password
> pair. My application is being developed with Qt/C++ and I wish if Maemo
> comes with any lib for doing the job (even if it's Glib/C oriented). I have
> searched for gnome-keyring but it seems it doesn't come with Maemo by
> default. I've looked to Witter for having an example but the way it does
> seems a little suboptimal to me. Having a device oriented mainly to internet
> but not having a framework for storing passwords in a safe way seems a huge
> lack. Have anyone any suggestion of how to save passwords in a safe way in
> Maemo5?

What I've ended up doing is being evil and storing it all in an ini
file.  I do make the keys generic (so someone can't just grep -Pirn
"(username|password" ~/.* for them) and I put it through some kind of
encoding so a casual glance won't reveal it.

Its not very safe but a representative sampling of my users felt it
was more acceptable than hand-entering in credentials on each load.

I'd also welcome better ideas especially if they are simple to implement

Ed Page
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