[maemo-developers] Automatic translation of debian/control file using .po file

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Wed Jan 6 20:23:56 EET 2010

does anyone have the needed magic to merge the debian/control file with
a .po file? I want to have a translated package description, but I don't
want to maintain the translations in a different way than the rest of
the translations.

I had partial success with intltool-merge with -r for RFC822 style
files. When using it with de.po the result looks like this:

XB-Description-de.UTF-8: Bla Bla

but we need

XB-Description-de_DE: Bla Bla

A tool like intltool-merge but with support for maemo-style
debian/control files would be great. Does anyone know something like
that. Or maybe someone has a cool sed snipped to do the job?

Help would really be appreciated!

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