[maemo-developers] Where to find sources of gtk+ 2:2.14.7-1maemo15?

From: Jeff Moe moe at blagblagblag.org
Date: Wed Jan 6 20:36:36 EET 2010
On Monday 04 January 2010 11:56:38 tero.kojo at nokia.com wrote:
> > For others to know:
> > 
> > https://stage.maemo.org/svn/maemo/projects/haf/trunk/gtk+/
> > 
> > https://stage.maemo.org/svn/maemo/projects/haf/tags/gtk+/
> And as a pre-warning stage as a svn server will be history as soon as we move the hardware. It was originally designed to be a temporary solution, and it turned into a semi-permanent one. GTK+ is finding a home in most likely gitorious.

Could you clarify what is meant here? Does this affect other SVN repos on garage (such as qstardict, as an example)?

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