[maemo-developers] oFono

From: Aki Niemi aki.niemi at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 7 15:04:56 EET 2010
to, 2010-01-07 kello 13:48 +0100, ext Jeff Moe kirjoitti:
> > You should use the isimodem driver in oFono. It is specifically made to
> > support Nokia modems, such as the one on N900.
> I've been told, and tried my self, and it doesn't work on the N900.

It _should_ work out of the box on the N900. In fact, I did some quick
packaging of the 0.15 release and just pushed ofono in Fremantle
extras-devel. So let's see...

There is some jumping through hoops required to get Phonet over USB
working that would allow you to use oFono on the desktop with N900 or
any other (recent) Nokia phone connected via USB in PC suite mode. I've
been meaning to write a howto for that, and I guess it's high time I
actually go and do that. ;)

>  That said, you know far more about it! Do you have a sample
> modem.conf for N900? And other clues would be appreciated!

There's no need for modem.conf on the N900; in fact, my ofono package
builds with atmodem and udev disabled. The isimodem driver automagically
detects modems via netlink.


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