[maemo-developers] How to access geotag information?

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Thu Jan 7 18:40:16 EET 2010
Till Harbaum / Lists on 01/07/2010 10:15 AM wrote:
> - We'll have to scan all files in every geotag aware app
If you want to create some sort of standard database for holding GPS 
metadata for any file type then you have to write it.

> - This consumes much CPU power
Reading a file is hardly CPU intensive.

> - This takes a very, VERY long time
Not on an SSD unless you have billions of files.

> - This does not work with MP3/WAV/PNG/GIF/AVI/...
Quite right. Why do you expect GPS information to be available for these 
files? Who told you to expect GPS data from those file types?

> - This information can hardly be shared between different apps
The standard for JPEG type files is to use EXIF for any and all 
metadata. Any app should and can support reading EXIF.

> - My app has to cache/store this information for all media files to
>    not be forced to re-scan everything everytime it's being started
I think you need to re-think what your goal is.
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