[maemo-developers] oFono

From: Aki Niemi aki.niemi at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 8 09:34:09 EET 2010
to, 2010-01-07 kello 14:04 +0100, Niemi Aki (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
> to, 2010-01-07 kello 13:48 +0100, ext Jeff Moe kirjoitti:
> > > You should use the isimodem driver in oFono. It is specifically made to
> > > support Nokia modems, such as the one on N900.
> > 
> > I've been told, and tried my self, and it doesn't work on the N900.
> It _should_ work out of the box on the N900. In fact, I did some quick
> packaging of the 0.15 release and just pushed ofono in Fremantle
> extras-devel. So let's see...

Right, ofono is now in extras-devel, and based on some quick testing, it
seems to work fine.

Note that the isimodem driver is still a work in progress and we don't
have some things working properly. Most notably, the SMS or CBS drivers
aren't implemented yet. Those are a bit tricky anyway, because they
interfere with the regular telephony stack on the device.


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