[maemo-developers] How to access geotag information?

From: Ivan Frade ivan.frade at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 8 18:19:05 EET 2010

 I was answering the previous email :) Few more comments.

El vie, 08-01-2010 a las 16:43 +0100, ext Till Harbaum / Lists escribió:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag 08 Januar 2010 schrieb Michael Cronenworth:
> > GPS data is stored in tracker for images only. Till wants GPS data for 
> > *all* file types.

> I really REALLY think tracker is the only useful way to deal with geotags
> especially in a mobile device where indexing may really be expensive 
> with respect to CPU power and  battery.

 We have two problems:
1) Who set the location information? Responsibility of applications.
2) Where should that information be stored? In tracker. 

 but ...
1) No application is really setting location information except the
image viewer (and only for images)
2) Tracker 0.6 cannot store efficiently that information. We could try
to add a File:Location property, so you could set location for
everything known by tracker, but it is going to be very very
inefficient. This will be fixed in 0.7 .



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