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From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Sat Jan 9 16:40:51 EET 2010
For the SMS portion, I'd encourage you to check out PyMaemoSMS  I've tweaked
it and used it succesfully to send SMS messages from Python on my N900

For more info, check out
#n900 mbarcode, python, SMS and sqlite3

I really look forward to playing with oFono.


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On Saturday 09 January 2010 03:40:29 Qole wrote:
> So wait, you're saying we now have a fully open source telephony stack on
> the N900 that works to make phone calls?

Quickly gotta run...

Well, it may not all be open:

* It fires up the Maemo phone GUI--I'd have to investigate what parts of
that are open/closed.

* It calls pulseaudio which may be using a proprietary codec for GSM audio.

* It's only voice calls, no SMS etc, so it's not a full stack yet.

I will be trying all this under Fedora 12 on N900 as that gives me a "clean
slate" to work from to track down what all is really involved.

But progress no doubt. :)

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