[maemo-developers] How to access geotag information?

From: Ivan Frade ivan.frade at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 11 11:38:21 EET 2010

El vie, 08-01-2010 a las 20:45 +0100, ext Till Harbaum / Lists escribió:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag 08 Januar 2010 schrieb Ivan Frade:

> > see it when i arrive there). This will be supported in tracker 0.7
> > (ready to play with on desktop), but not in 0.6/fremantle.
> Using tracker 0.6 limited to images is a start. Do you have example
> code somewhere? I have never worked with tracker before.

We have some (basic) documentation here:

Tracker is a daemon visible in DBus. In python, connect to the daemon
directly (an example in my own pet-project [1]). In C, use
libtracker-client (some examples in MAFW's tracker backend).

There should be some libtracker-client gtk-doc documentation, but it
looks like library.gnome.org only contains the last unstable version
(0.7). This is useless for you, the API in 0.7 is _completely_ different
from 0.6 API. Don't get confused with that.

The properties you can use in your queries are defined here:

You can also monitor dbus while using the image-viewer to see some
queries flying.




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