[maemo-developers] User-specific files for maemo packages

From: ibrahim ibrahim.ali at asgatech.com
Date: Mon Jan 11 22:17:35 EET 2010
hi there;

I wonder how can I put some user-specific files on the filesystem that 
can't get removed when my application package is uninstalled.
for normal Linux systems, I can fimd user-settings/specific files  
stored inside hidden folders inside the /home/user_name folder ( for 
example: firefox's browser-cache, installed addons and history files are 
all located inside a hidden folder called /home/user/.mozilla )

I tried to do so for my maemo application packafe, So, I created a 
hidden folder .app_name/ and put it inside the folders 
my_package_folder/home/user/ , I created the package out of the folder 
and everything is alright when i deploy my package to the phone.
but the problem id : when I uninstall the package, the hidden folder i 
created inside /home/user/ gets deleted too, as the apt keeps track of 
all extracted files.

what can I do to fix that?
thanks in advance
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