[maemo-developers] GtkTreeView behaviour

From: George Kibardin george-kibardin at yandex.ru
Date: Mon Jan 11 22:47:48 EET 2010
Hi everybody!

I'm porting my application (FeedCircuit) to N900 and faced strange problem. I have no real device so I'm using scratchbox. According to guidelines (like this http://sw.nokia.com/id/a3187f95-ad88-4233-b0ef-a182da3ec1c7/Hildon_2_2_Widget_UI_Specification_v1_0_en.pdf) when GtkTreeView is put into PannableArea it becomes finger friendly. When it is created with hildon_gtk_tree_view_new(HILDON_UI_MODE_NORMAL) it should emit row-activated signal after a single tap on it. In edit mode hildon_gtk_tree_view_new(HILDON_UI_MODE_EDIT) tap must select/deselect one or multiple records. In my case for some reason in normal mode I need two taps to get row-activated signal: one tap to select appropriate item and another one to activate it. In edit mode with multiple selection enabled I need to use Ctrl to select multiple items which also seems wrong. What I'm doing wrong?

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