[maemo-developers] Query about audio management inside Maemo

From: Zheng, Huan huan.zheng at intel.com
Date: Tue Jan 12 08:47:18 EET 2010
How maemo handle below two scenario?
1, voice call comes in while music is played
2, BT device attached while music is played

My guessing is
Voice call use libplayback informs its coming, music player get a notification from OHM daemon to pause, right?
The 2nd scenario, I can't guess out the flow, but the result should be music flow to BT automatically.

Could someone explain a more detailed flow for the 2 scenarios above?
Thanks a lot!

And, is libplayback and the maemo component for Pulseaudio opensource?
Thanks again!

Best Regards, Zheng, Huan(ZBT)


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