[maemo-developers] Optification creates link-loop

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Tue Jan 12 15:30:39 EET 2010

I´m having a strange optification problem which leads to a link-loop.

I´m building two packages out of one source tree and I´m having 
maemo-optify in /debian/rules.

Package one is "conboy" and package two is "conboy-midgard". Both 
packages install plugins as library files and small text files into 

The resulting conboy package has the complete /usr/lib/conboy directory 
moved to /opt/maemo/. So the link looks like this:
/usr/lib/conboy --> /opt/maemo/usr/lib/conboy

The resulting conboy-midgard packages only moves one .so file to /opt. 
Some smaller files are not moved. So the link looks like this:
/usr/lib/conboy/midgard.so --> /opt/maemo/usr/lib/conboy/midgard.so

When installing both packages via apt-get it creates a link-loop that 
looks like this:
/opt/maemo/usr/lib/conboy/midgard.so --> 

Does anyone know what´s going on there? I´m puzzled. If I manually 
extract the data.tar.gz files of both packages, the result looks fine.

Help would be really appreciated!


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