[maemo-developers] GtkTreeView behaviour

From: George Kibardin george-kibardin at yandex.ru
Date: Tue Jan 12 21:58:13 EET 2010
Thank you Alberto for your code samble. I've found the problem. gtk_container_add() shoud be used instead of hildon_pannable_area_add_with_viewportl().

12.01.10, 12:23, "Alberto Garcia" <agarcia at igalia.com>:

> On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 11:47:48PM +0300, George Kibardin wrote:
>  > In my case for some reason in normal mode I need two taps to get
>  > row-activated signal: one tap to select appropriate item and another
>  > one to activate it. In edit mode with multiple selection enabled
>  > I need to use Ctrl to select multiple items which also seems
>  > wrong. What I'm doing wrong?
>  There must be something wrong in your code... I'm attaching a simple
>  example of a treeview in normal mode, tell me if it works fine for
>  you.
>  Berto
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