[maemo-developers] Re: Hildon-Desktop: added Widget not shown

From: Mikko Vartiainen mvartiainen at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 12 22:47:24 EET 2010
> (Resent with correct time/date)
> Hello all
> I've uploaded an alpha version of my "shutter" home widget (IR shutter for Nikon DSLR) to extras-devel.
> Functionaly, it works. But now I have a small problem in my installer that I'm unable to resolve:
> After running the deb, the widget gets installed. It can then be added to the desktop by the user through the normal Desktop Config > Add Widget process. It shows up in the list and is selectable. But then it does not show up on the desktop!
> However, once the device is rebooted, the added widget is cleary visible and works well.
> Now I really don't want to forece my users to reboot just because of a widget.
> Therefore my question: what am I missing? Any special postinstall script to run?

I think it's still possible that hildon-desktop
python-loader doesn't work after it's insalled
until device (or hildon-desktop) is restarted.
I've seen similar reports related to other python
based widgets.

Since it happens only once it's hard to really
notice. Does any python developer know anything
about this?

Mikko Vartiainen
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