[maemo-developers] Hildon-Desktop: added Widget not shown

From: Anderson Lizardo anderson.lizardo at openbossa.org
Date: Wed Jan 13 02:18:10 EET 2010
On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Thomas Wälti <twaelti at gmail.com> wrote:
> It could indeed be that python-loader does not startup correctly after
> its installation. I get the following errors, once right at the end of
> the installation, a second time when trying to add the widget to the
> desktop:
> hildon-home[14183]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Unknown Plugin Loader type: python
> hildon-home[14183]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Error loading plugin:
> /usr/share/applications/hildon-home/shutter.desktop
> On both the test device and the scratchbox it failed, and on both I
> didn't have any python widgets installed before.

This is the expected behavior. You need the Python loader (provided by
the hildon-desktop-python-loader) installed *and* loaded in order to
have Python applets recognized. The problem (as I mentioned on the
other message) is probably that the hildon-desktop process is not
being aware of the new loader until it is restarted.

A possible test case (which I cannot test ATM) is:

1) apt-get remove hildon-desktop-python-loader
2) Restart N900
3) apt-get install hildon-desktop-python-loader
4) Install some Python applet

The let us know if the applet is shown or not.

Anderson Lizardo
OpenBossa Labs - INdT
Manaus - Brazil
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