[maemo-developers] Debhelper 7

From: Thomas Tanner tanner at gmx.de
Date: Wed Jan 13 16:18:43 EET 2010
just found this old message:

Marius Vollmer wrote:
> That's the magic.  You will likely need to update Perl as well, and then
> update many many Perl modules.  This is what I have done for Harmattan,
> and now I am sitting on about 100 packages that I have updated... :-)

it is actually much less
but running it in the SDK is a hassle
(you need to move devkit perl away and fix all references)

> You can also backport debhelper 7 to Perl 5.8.

that's what I have done:
you'll have to move away the dh_* files from your devkits
otherwise it won't use the files from the package.

You could also try the SDK+ based on scratchbox 2
which make it easy to use the host perl with
export SBOX_REDIRECT_FORCE=/usr/bin/perl

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