[maemo-developers] Query about audio management inside Maemo

From: Jyri.Sarha at nokia.com Jyri.Sarha at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 13 17:38:18 EET 2010
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>Thanks a lot!
>Is it possible for user choose not to be routed to BT.

I guess you mean if it is possible for an application to
choose where it's audio is routed. A short answer to that
is no. Then again Maemo is quite open platform and almost
anything can be hacked to behave differently, but then you
are on your own and there is no guarantee that your device
works reliably anymore.

>And further, is it possible for user to choose to be routed to 
>BT using different profile (HSP, A2DP)

The short answer to this is also no. The general rule for 
choosing the profile when connected to a BT audio device
goes like this:
1. If not in a call use A2DP, if that is not available use
2. If in a call (CS or VoIP) use HSP/HFP, if that is not 
   available use device earpice or speakers.

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