[maemo-developers] Programmatically showing the desktop in Fremantle

From: obb770 obb770 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 14 23:29:06 EET 2010
Is there a way in Fremantle to programmatically change the view from
application view directly to the desktop home view (perhaps similar to
the com.nokia.hildon_desktop.exit_app_view dbus signal)?

The specific use is for a standalone application that is launched (or
brought to the foreground if it is already running) by a
hildon-status-menu plugin. When the application is done with user
interaction, it should continue running but "minimize" itself so that
the desktop will be shown (as it was before the application was
activated). Using the exit_app_view signal causes the task navigator
view to show where the initial desktop view is still one click away on
the blurred area.

Of course it would be possible to have the application windows be part
of and shown by the plugin itself. But it seems cleaner to have
application logic in a separate process and keep the status plugin
just doing status icon indication and providing a launch button.

Given that if there isn't a "good" way to do this, then it might not
be fixed in the Fremantle lifetime - is there an ugly way to show the
desktop? like simulating pressing the right place on the screen,
somehow getting into non-public API of hildon-desktop, or something


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