[maemo-developers] Programmatically showing the desktop in Fremantle

From: Matan Ziv-Av matan at svgalib.org
Date: Fri Jan 15 00:56:03 EET 2010
On Thu, 14 Jan 2010, obb770 wrote:

> Is there a way in Fremantle to programmatically change the view from
> application view directly to the desktop home view (perhaps similar to
> the com.nokia.hildon_desktop.exit_app_view dbus signal)?
> The specific use is for a standalone application that is launched (or
> brought to the foreground if it is already running) by a
> hildon-status-menu plugin. When the application is done with user
> interaction, it should continue running but "minimize" itself so that
> the desktop will be shown (as it was before the application was
> activated). Using the exit_app_view signal causes the task navigator
> view to show where the initial desktop view is still one click away on
> the blurred area.
> Of course it would be possible to have the application windows be part
> of and shown by the plugin itself. But it seems cleaner to have
> application logic in a separate process and keep the status plugin
> just doing status icon indication and providing a launch button.
> Given that if there isn't a "good" way to do this, then it might not
> be fixed in the Fremantle lifetime - is there an ugly way to show the
> desktop? like simulating pressing the right place on the screen,
> somehow getting into non-public API of hildon-desktop, or something
> else?

There is no way equivalent to exit_app_view, but in a modified 
hildon-desktop I am working on, I add a similar dbus signal for 
selecting any of the desktop modes. See here for details:


I'll use this thread for a question regarding hildon-desktop. Where is 
hildon-desktop developed? In other words If I want a patch to be 
included in hildon-desktop, whom should I contact?


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