[maemo-developers] apt-get pinning Extras repositories

From: Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Date: Fri Jan 15 22:05:14 EET 2010

Quite recently the extras-testing and extras-devel repositories had a

	Label: extras-testing

set in the Release file. This allowed me to use /etc/apt/preferences to
pin the testing/devel repositories to a lower priority, so that I
wouldn't need to worry about getting unwanted upgrades from them.

But recently, these labels vanished from the release file, and the
extras and extras-testing Release files seem identical, allowing no way
to pin them.

Could the repo maintainers add the Label back, so that pinning would
still be possible and easy? (Or is there an alternative way to do the

Pauli Virtanen

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