[maemo-developers] Mirrors

From: Thomas Tanner tanner at gmx.de
Date: Sun Jan 17 19:49:37 EET 2010
Hi Jeff and *,

Jeff Moe wrote:
>> I hope a local mirror helps in your case.
> apt-get update in 2 seconds.

Thanks a lot for your mirror, Jeff!
It's really useful whenever...

>> You are aware that we are using Akamai (fully distributed content delivery) for the caching? And that the hit and transfer amounts are way out of the league for anything we could set up ourselves?
> Yes, but that still doesn't preclude using mirrors. Akamai goes down too.

... the "unbreakable" main repository is down. QED :)

FYI: I have uploaded some reprepro configuration
for people who want to setup their own mirror:

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