[maemo-developers] D-Bus signals in python

From: Matan Ziv-Av matan at svgalib.org
Date: Sat Jan 16 23:10:55 EET 2010
On Sat, 16 Jan 2010, Patrick Beck wrote:

> what does this command? I haven't seen any reaction. I have search for a
> documention too, but i have not found any, which describe your path.

It is only in my version of hildon-desktop, and opens the launcher 
(application menu). An similar command in the standard hildon-desktop 

dbus-send --type=signal --session /com/nokia/hildon_desktop com.nokia.hildon_desktop.exit_app_view

> I have found here a small site with a few examples =>
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Documentation/Maemo_5_Developer_Guide/DBus/DBus_in_Freemantle

The examples there cover calling methods and listening to signals. I 
want to send a signal.


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