[maemo-developers] Disable portrait support for dialog with Hildon

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jan 19 15:52:52 EET 2010

ext Cornelius Hald wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 17:31 +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
>> From: Cornelius Hald <hald at icandy.de>
>>> the main window of my app supports portrait mode. Now I have a settings
>>> dialog which does not support portrait mode but it inherits those flags
>>> from the main window.
>> So you'll have the main window in portrait mode, and there is a
>> possibility that a dialog in non-portrait mode appear?
> No, the dialog is only accessible in landscape mode. But if the dialog
> is open, I want it to stay in landscape mode.
>> I'm not a expert in usability, but this would be confusing for me, and
>> it would force me to rotate 90 degrees the device in order to read
>> properly the dialog.
>> There isn't any possibility to support the portrait mode in the
>> dialog?
> Of course there is, but the dialog does not make much sense in portrait
> mode because it also contains text fields. And of course it's additional
> work.

Several other possible solutions.

* Change to portrait mode support of the parent window before showing
   the dialog.

* Change settings dialog to a settings window.

* Remove settings option from the main window menu when it's in
   portrait mode.

I think last would be nicest solution.

	- Eero
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