[maemo-developers] Reverting autobuilder to fremantle sdk maemo 5 update 1

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Jan 19 17:39:06 EET 2010
On Tuesday 19 January 2010 15:08:59 Kaj-Michael Lang wrote:
> And this breaks applications trying to use new packages, like
> sharing-dialog-dev

Is this a new package in the latest SDK?  Or a new version of an existing 

If it is a new package we could experiment with putting a version in 
extras-devel (and extras-testing and, eventually, extras) -- I sugest giving 
it a version nmber lower than the PR1.1 SDK version.  Before letting it ship 
in to extras, we would have to do testing to find out whether having the 
package installed from extras before doing the upgrade causes any problems 
for the upgrade.

If it is a new version of an existing package, we need something like my 
multi-queue solution, if that is workable, or multiple repositories.

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