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From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Tue Jan 19 23:33:43 EET 2010

   Thanks for the apology.  I was taken aback by your initial response and was trying to figure out how best to respond.  I did realize that my sarcasm might have been missed.

   I have been very concerned about a general tenor of this list.  It seems like some are suggesting that if you haven't been on the list long enough, if you don't use the right email client, and several other comments I've heard recently, then you aren't good enough to be on this list.  Instead, we need to be welcoming old and new, people using pine, elm, modest, Outlook or whatever email client.  

   Likewise, I would like to see more discussion about how we can all work together to make sure that this list, the wiki, the repositories, and other tools are the best possible so that we can get as many developers working together to make great apps for Maemo.

   I appreciate your concern for this list and your suggestion on something that would make it more helpful to some users.


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Sorry Aldon, I must apologise.  I was amazed at that response at first
but having read it back I noted the sarcasm.
Obviously a little too subtle for me in my sleep deprived state! Sorry
for the over reaction.

2010/1/19 Edward Johns <ejdomreg at gmail.com>:
> 2010/1/19 Aldon Hynes <Aldon.Hynes at orient-lodge.com>:
>> Good idea, let's try to restrict the development community to only people that have 'proper email clients'
>> <snip>
> Consider yourself restricted. I've been a member of several high
> profile foss developer communities and this is the worse welcome I've
> ever been given.
> Hopefully I will get a chance to return to this forum when it is a
> little more mature.

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