[maemo-developers] Empty Admin list for garage project - how to put myself back there?

From: nomrasco nomrasco at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 20 22:46:11 EET 2010
Hi all,

  yesterday i registered my project on garage.maemo.org and project was
approved. Unfortunatelly I decided to play a little bit with it and tried to
add myself also as a Developer to be not only Admin but also someone who
'really' do something within the project ;) But results are bad... it did
not give me any warning or error - it just moved me from Admin list to
Developer list. So now I am in situation where there is no Admin in the
project, and while I am not an admin I cannot change anything important in
the project (also I cannot play with members list;) ).

   Is there any solution for that problem or I need to delete my current
project (what still seems to be able to be done by me) and re-register it
again?? I was looking for any support email contact on garage but I was not
able to find any hint or email address (what is a little bit strange I
think). Do anyone know any contact for that kind of problems with
garage.maemo.org accounts/projects ?? I will apprieciate any help.

thank You very much in advance!
Best Regards

software development
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