[maemo-developers] How to destroy your community

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Wed Jan 20 23:17:30 EET 2010

	Okay, so it's knives out is it? Fine. I have flame retardant underwear. :-)

	I know you want things to work smoothly, we all do. Believe me, the admins are working their butts off to make it so, they work long days and have been checking in on weekends too. I still see no reason for any personal attacks, it is not necessary. 

	I will take responsibility for part of the server move - I think we all could have done better, but this is the situation we're in, and long lectures full of conjecture won't help much. Let's summarize the constructive criticism instead.

	1. Maemo.org DNS should probably be on physically separate networks, with redundant servers worldwide. DyDNS can do this cheaply, there were other suggestions as well.

	2. The maemo.org repositories should be mirrored in the free software community at places like Ibiblio or similar, to provide a measure of redundancy.

	3. Whatever ISP is chosen to host the site should feel like a stakeholder in the success of the maemo community. They should feel motivated for things to work 24/7. 
	4. The community should be allowed to help with the infrastructure. Perhaps some services should be entirely released to the community? Or maybe start using community resources like the SuSE OBS? 

	5. Greater communication and transparency from the maemo staff. 

	If I have missed anything I am sure you'll let me know, in no uncertain terms. ;)

	And now for some return fire: patience is a virtue. This means that throwing a temper tantrum on a mailing list gets you often branded as a "poisonous person," to quote from your original link. That seems really unnecessary since many of those on this list who are flaming have valid points and obviously care about the community. The valid points come across when they are delivered politely too, so I ask for that to be the default setting. We are where we are, and being impatient won't change that.



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