[maemo-developers] How to destroy your community

From: Valerio Valerio vdv100 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 21 00:01:01 EET 2010

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:54 PM, Jeff Moe <moe at blagblagblag.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 20 January 2010 18:17:30 Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> >       1. Maemo.org DNS should probably be on physically separate
> networks, with redundant servers worldwide. DyDNS can do this cheaply, there
> were other suggestions as well.
> Yes, would be very nice. Then the admins wouldn't have to wait for Nokia to
> make the changes (which appear to be very slow) and could just do it
> themselves directly. With DirectNIC (and likely most others), you can even
> set the TTL in a *web form*. So days in advance the TTL could be set to one
> hour, so in worst case that would be the longest people would keep stale
> data in their caches. Click click! Done.
> >       2. The maemo.org repositories should be mirrored in the free
> software community at places like Ibiblio or similar, to provide a measure
> of redundancy.
> Yes. First step in this is to set up an rsync server. I have a sample
> config here:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/User:Jebba/Espejo#rsync
> I also think that database dumps (say weekly) should be done of the wiki
> and be available for download. I can dig up a SQL command (e.g. that leaves
> out user/pass info) if you want. This way others can make backups and then
> it could also be used with (the very cool) offline mediawiki viewer
> evopedia.
> Basically, if infrastructure data can be put in an easily downloadable
> format for copying, it should be. The more copies downloaded, the better. :)
> >       3. Whatever ISP is chosen to host the site should feel like a
> stakeholder in the success of the maemo community. They should feel
> motivated for things to work 24/7.
> Definitely. /me takes third swing: and just who is this ISP right now? I
> know akamai is in the picture, but apparently someone else is hosting the
> main part (e.g. the NFS/SAN ISP). I wouldn't even go as far as say they
> should be a "stakeholder", they just need to provide industry standard
> quality. Any ISP that isn't "motivated" 24/7 should be dropped. I think one
> extended outage of the nature we saw over the weekend is enough even (e.g.
> the hunt for a new ISP should begin immediately).
> >       4. The community should be allowed to help with the infrastructure.
> Perhaps some services should be entirely released to the community? Or maybe
> start using community resources like the SuSE OBS?
> The first part of this would be to document what is there already. Also,
> document the current procedures (publicly--the IRC logs seem to indicate
> there is an internal Nokia wiki with this info). I have a feeling if the
> server move procedures had been public, lots of good suggestions would have
> been made by the various sysadmins on this list (e.g. it appears they didn't
> even think about changing DNS TTLs--surely many on this list would have
> caught that). We apparently have people on this list who have managed
> projects even larger than Maemo--their experience should clearly be
> leveraged. "Many eyeballs make all bugs shallow" applies here too.
> >       5. Greater communication and transparency from the maemo staff.
> Definitely. Each move needs to be announced somewhere. For developer issues
> (e.g. the builder, anything to do with SSH keys, etc.), this list seems an
> appropriate place. For another announcements (e.g. the server move in
> general) perhaps talk.maemo.org would be best in some stickied thread
> until the move is over. Qaiku I think is about the worst place, as for
> anyone to followup they need to get yet another account and there isn't
> really a good mechanism for discussion in short "tweets". One excellent ISP
> I use has a dedicated list to this--for example see:
> http://frii.com/support/fta/
> Also, perhaps I'm missing it, but it seems really hard to even figure out
> who the maemo staff is. Perhap I'm missing the obvious wiki page with this
> info (ala http://wiki.maemo.org/People ). Who is the paid maemo staff?


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