[maemo-developers] Backwards compatibility broken PR1.1 SDK

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 21 08:09:39 EET 2010
ext Graham Cobb <g+770 at cobb.uk.net> writes:

> I *think* that, here in Maemo, we are trying to create a model with 
> different goals from any of the other distributions, so our decisions may 
> also be different, but I certainly want us to learn from other experience.

I wouldn't put it as "different goals", but with "additional goals".
One additonal goal of Maemo is to support 3rd party development in a
better integrated way than Debian and other distributions do.

Debian does of course support 3rd party developers: they stick to
standards like FHS and LSB and they are generally not screwing over 3rd
party applications (unlike the Linux kernel does with out-of-tree
drivers, for example).

Maemo tries to integrate '3rd party' developers more tightly into the
distribution, by offering processes and infrastructure for them
(maemo.org) and platform support (Appmanager pointing to maemo.org by
default, more user friendly view of packages).  But that's an addition
to what Debian and other Linux distributions do, and not in conflict
with it.
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