[maemo-developers] Autobuilder => ww.maemo.org

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Jan 21 10:18:13 EET 2010

Hmm, I know tzhis is a hated question, but is the autobuilder for
fremantle alive?

the latest build is from ~22:00 UTC yesterday. I have uploaded a number
of packages around 24:00 UTC+1 but non of them appeared.

I know that in rare circumstances there are long build that make the
Autobuilder *appear* to hang, so I would like emphasize on another
aspect (while still beeing interested on the state :-)).

For me the natural landing package as a developer is
http://maemo.org/development/. That worked good in the past but for me
it seems some (new) important features are not visible available on this
page, namely the everything around building, uploading and promoting

* http://maemo.org/packages/ does not seem to be linked on the landing
pge, while it is very important for my day to day work as a developer.
* I would expect some helthness state about the various autobuilders
here. It would be enough to have some green/red signal here. Other
infrastructure aspect of course should/could be placed here, too.
* I would expect some process image somewhere in the upload image,
stating various aspects of infrastructure and packages evloving from
extras-devel to extras.The text is here but sometime an image is better.
Giving state a clear name that reappears under .../packages in texts,
buttons of course would be a winner...
* I just promoted a package to extras-testing (the button was only
called promote, extras-testing was not mentioned) and I expect QA to
check for the existance of a proper packgae for maemo5 on downloads
including a screenshot. While scanning the documentation multiple times
I have not yet found out how I create such entry for maemo5 (I know how
it works for <=OS2008) and I assume that somewhere in the process it
wass created automatically (after promotion to testing?).

I can file a bug for every aspect,if some responsible person just says
("make a bug") but I think some discusssion may be worthwhile, too. If
this was already discussed elsewhere and there already exists a grand
plan/bugs, just tell me.


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