[maemo-developers] Autobuilder => ww.maemo.org

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Thu Jan 21 11:01:59 EET 2010
On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 08:18, Tim Teulings <rael at edge.ping.de> wrote:
> For me the natural landing package as a developer is
> http://maemo.org/development/. That worked good in the past but for me
> it seems some (new) important features are not visible available on this
> page, namely the everything around building, uploading and promoting
> packages.
> Examples:
> * http://maemo.org/packages/ does not seem to be linked on the landing
> pge, while it is very important for my day to day work as a developer.
> * I would expect some helthness state about the various autobuilders
> here. It would be enough to have some green/red signal here. Other
> infrastructure aspect of course should/could be placed here, too.

Indeed; if we're not going to get manual emails to
maemo-developers/-announce every time there's an
upgrade/downtime/problem/move, having some automated monitoring would
be good.

> I expect QA to check for the existance of a proper packgae for maemo5
> on downloads including a screenshot. While scanning the documentation
> multiple times I have not yet found out how I create such entry [...]

Expectation incorrect. maemo.org/downloads/Maemo5/ gets populated from
Extras directly. The only thing you need to do once you decide to
promote to Extras proper is find your entry and add a screenshot
(entries without screenshots won't appear on the front page).



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