[maemo-developers] Aw: Autobuilder => ww.maemo.org

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Jan 21 12:12:46 EET 2010

>> This however may make my suggestion even more valid, making me not
>> writring silly "i do not have trust in autobuilder" that fast, making
>> admina smoking more cigarettes than before.
> ?

I don't want to bother the admin of the system by "Is it still alive" mails
everytime autobuilder does not react in 10 minutes. You should spend your
time to more important task than aswering my (and others) questions about
the state of the system.
> If you subscribe to the extras-cauldron-builds list, you could see that
> there was a package severely stuck.

I would see this as a short time workaround, but would propose a "live and
short time history state overview" solutions as mid- to longterm solutions.
Nevetheless the "workaround" should get a prominent state in the developer
landing page (I now remember that you might haven given this advice
multiple times before?). FAQ?
> Ed promised to create a fix for buildme, so broken packages can't block
> the queue anymore.

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