[maemo-developers] How to destroy your community

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Date: Thu Jan 21 13:56:26 EET 2010
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> ext Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org> writes:
> > I guess that the problem is that you "demand" rather than request.
> Dave, for effs sake, Joe is not trying to get something for him and he
> is not getting angry because he isn't getting it.  Joe is pointing out
> opportunities for Maemo's improvement and he is getting irritated
> because we are not honest with ourselves and try to dismiss that there
> are problems to begin with[1].

There are problems sure, that bit is apparent. Do you really think any party (community, admins, ISP, me) is right now happy at how the ISP has handled the case? No.

If anyone has a blade rack with roughly fifteen blades, a few teras of netapp and fast connections handy, and is willing to watch it 24/7, give root access and guarantee that it will be there for the next three to five years, please step forward. I would love to get that somewhere.

But ranting on this list will not help.

There is a process set up for community work (by the community) with the idea of monthly sprints (http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo.org_Sprints). You want changes, you are more than welcome to the sprint meeting and take tasks to get things done.

> It is very easy for Joe to just go away or to shut up, without any loss
> to him.  We should be happy that he doesn't, it would be a loss for us.
> He can do good for maemo.org, and I wouldn't be surprised if he can do
> more good than many of our paid sysapes.  Get him root access already.

Give root access to a person who walks in here and starts shouting? Are you serious? No smileys, so I assume you are.
Marius, I want root access on all your machines. I want it, now! :)

Also Marius, would you watch your language. Calling people names is rude. It gives a bad picture of your character, and is against netiquette. You should know better, it's not a kindergarten.


> [1] And no, "we are working hard to improving things" is not good
>     enough.  Even the way we implement improvements needs to be
>     improved.

Please show up at the next monthly sprint meeting and take some tasks to improve things then. How much time and energy are you willing to pitch in personally?

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