[maemo-developers] MySQL and N800

From: Tony Green maemo at beermad.org.uk
Date: Fri Jan 22 12:20:26 EET 2010
On Friday 22 Jan 2010 06:04:06 Demetris wrote:
> Hi all,
>     has anyone been successful in deployment mySQL dbs on the N800? If yes
> can you share any of  your experiences with it? If not, any other 
> open-source dbs
> that can be possibly interfaced through cdc Java on the N800?

Hi Demetris,

You should find my port of MySQL in the repositories for the N800. Unfortunately it's only version 4.1.22, as the SDK for that platform wasn't up-to-date enough to build later versions. I've been using it successfully with Perl-based applications for quite a while now. You may need to port whatever Java libraries are needed (I only did the Perl DBI/DBD modules), but the DBMS is available.

Reference for anybody wanting MySQL on the N900, I've got it working successfully (version 5.0.89) on Diablo, but haven't yet had time to sort out the process of getting it into Extras as I'm currently too busy with other priorities (same goes for Apache). As soon as I get time I'll get them into Extras; meanwhile if anybody's in desperate need, get in touch and I'll let you have pre-release debs.

Tony Green
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
My PGP public key: www.beermad.org.uk/cgi-bin/pgp.cgi

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