[maemo-developers] "Donate $x" button on Packages and/or Downloads

From: Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl
Date: Fri Jan 22 15:27:09 EET 2010
Dnia piątek, 22 stycznia 2010 o 13:35:42 Andrea Grandi napisał(a):

> it's a nice idea, but... why user has do go to maemo.org website to
> donate? 

> Shouldn't we integrate this even in Application Manager and/or
> in the "About" dialog of every application?

Why not adding big requester on each start of application with big button 
"Donate" and 40s wait to make user really see it?

I use additional software on all my devices. It was like that on Zaurus 
machines, cellphones, smartphones, maemo tablets and is now on N900. When 
I want somehow to show author that I like his app I am sending suggestions how 
to make it better (often with patches), suggest installing it for other users 
etc. From time to time I donate money. 

But having "Donate" button in each and each Maemo app looks strange for me. If 
author (not packager, but author) wants money for his application then let we 
talk with nokia to make Ovi store more open for small developers so app can be 
sold that way for 1-5€ maybe? It works for iPhone, Android and Symbian so why 
does not have to work for Maemo?

> Having to pass from a website is a non-sense for me, just like the
> actual Ovi Store :P

Yep - why duplicate it? And how fast nokia would take steps to kill it?

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