[maemo-developers] "Donate $x" button on Packages and/or Downloads

From: Thomas Tanner tanner at gmx.de
Date: Fri Jan 22 18:36:54 EET 2010

Andrea Grandi wrote:
> 2010/1/22 Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org>:
>> And what about packages which don't *have* an "About" box, or even a
>> UI? e.g. plugins for gstreamer & Telepathy; Catorise etc.?

I agree. What if someone writes a wonderful media framework
for Maemo and someone else a little GUI frontend.
The latter is user visible (user section), the first is not
but the latter gets all the donations.

> why no including both things? maemo.org/download button and
> About-->Donate if the application has a gui.
> It would make sense for me....

I think we need some integrated feedback application for:
* rating packages
* sending bug reports and feature request which automatically
 include the installed version number and the dependencies
* integration with crash-reporter
* showing a detailed description (incl. the dependencies)
* giving quick access (opens a browser window) to
 - a donation button (paypal link)
 - screenshots or the maemo.org/downloads page
 - the project webpage

most of the information is already in the package lists or on maemo.org.
maybe those features could be simply added to the existing AppWatch or

Adding the donation box to the details window in Application manager
would be an alternative, but IMHO the design of the Application manager
is not well suited for that: you would first click uninstall to donate
for an installed app!? (I prefer synaptic/aptitude/dselect style
programs anyway...)

just my 2¢,
Thomas Tanner ------
email: tanner at gmx.de
GnuPG: 1024/5924D4DD

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