[maemo-developers] Maemo extras repository package uploader/maintainer verification?

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Fri Jan 22 18:40:08 EET 2010
On Jan 22, 2010, at 5:17 PM, Nathan Anderson wrote:

> Ok, I think I must be confused; I was under the impression that you leave
> the maintainer field alone if all you are doing it packaging it up for the
> maemo platform.    I don't actually "maintain" any of the code for several
> of the projects that I have uploaded.  

You do however maintain the package. So if there are bugs it is your responsibility to push the bugs upstream if they are in the code. This is how the responsibility is divided in debian anyway, it is not explicitly laid out for Maemo but I think it ought to be self-evident. 

>  All I've done is did the work to
> "package" it up.

In many cases the developer is also the packager, but when the packager is different from the developer(s) then the packager has to take on a bit of responsibility for at least packaging QA. Maintaing the code as well is usually not required, but it is considered a good thing if at least you know the programming language it is written in, etc.

> Am I supposed to put in the maintainer field my name, or leave it as the
> original team that wrote it.  The only thing I change is the changelog to
> show that the program was packaged by me.  (i.e. sword library, kernel
> modules)

The changelog is a must, but changing the maintainer name in the debian/control file is also a must, according to maemo packaging policy. Here is the policy in pdf: WARNING PDF!  >> https://maemo.org/forrest-images/pdf/maemo-policy.pdf 


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>>> What checks there are in place to verify that the package uploader 
>>> and the package maintainer field (shown to people who install the 
>>> packages) match?
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