[maemo-developers] New to N900 and Qt, what's the best place to start?

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Fri Jan 22 22:15:48 EET 2010

  Welcome to the wonderful word of QT programming for the N900.  I suspect
I'm not much further along than you, but perhaps I can share a few helpful
tips.  By the sounds of it, I assume that you have the QT development tools
you need.  For the simple apps that I've built, I've used QT Creator.  I
haven't done a lot with the IDE but it is nice to work in.

  Next, do you have scratchbox installed?  I had problems getting scratchbox
2 to install on my Ubuntu laptop, so I ended up with the old scratchbox.
You can read a little bit about my adventures at
Building the Perfect Cellphone: the #iPhone, #droid and #N900

   Once I had scratchbox running, in FREMANTLE_ARMEL mode I could qmake
sample.pro on the project that I created in QT Creator, followed by make.
At this point, I simply copied my executable over to the N900 and it ran
like a champ.  I didn need to make sure that I had all the libqt libraries
installed.  Currenty, I have
libqt4-maemo5-core (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-network (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-gui (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-xml (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-opengl (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-phonon (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-xmlpatterns (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...
libqt4-maemo5-webkit (4.6.1~git20100122-0maemo1) ...

   I didn't do anything too fancy for my beyond hello word program, I built
a counter widget using QPushButton and QObject::connect  I can share the
code with you if you want.

   Hope this is helps.  Feel free to followup with questions or comments.


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I'm beginning to learn Qt using the book "C++ GUI Programming with Qt
4 (2nd Edition)", along with Qt online documentation and Google (of
course), and I'm also a recent owner of a N900. I use Gentoo Linux &
KDE4 on my PC and have no problem creating Qt programs to run on my PC
environment. I'd like to start making some for my N900 as well. For
now I'll just try to make "hello world". :)

What's the recommended dev environment to produce Qt-based software
for the N900/Maemo5? SDK Virtual Machine? MADDE? Is qt-creator going
to be able to cross-compile to maemo target in my native Linux PC
environment in the near future? Can I develop in qt-creator and then
compile in the other environment? Since I'm just starting from scratch
I'm open to any suggestions...  I realize from googling that debugging
in N900 might not be so easy right now and hopefully more IDE-based
support is coming.

I appreciate any advice on where to begin my journey, thanks!
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