[maemo-developers] bug or feature in Calendar's handling of tasks?

From: Eric Cooper ecc at cmu.edu
Date: Sat Jan 23 01:30:46 EET 2010
I've written a simple program to import .ics files using the
calendar-backend API, so I can at least get my Evolution data onto my
N900 while I await a full "sync" solution.

I've come across a few strange things and would like to know whether
to report them as bugs.

1. Evolution lets you define tasks with no start or due date (no DTSTART
   or DUE fields are present in the VTODO body).

   If I import one of these, the calendar-backend supplies the current
   time for the DUE field, and Jan 1, 1970 for the DTSTART field.

   Unfortunately, that means that I can't use the calendar-backend's
   duplicate suppression if I import the same task again, because it
   will have a different DUE field and show up as a different task.
   I have to provide an articial due date instead.

2. If I supply the obvious artifical due date of Jan 1, 1970, then the
   task is displayed in the Notes list as well as the Tasks list (!)
   That's not the case for any other due date, as far as I can tell.

I plan to submit both of these as bugs, but it's possible I'm missing
something that justifies this behavior.

Eric Cooper             e c c @ c m u . e d u
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