[maemo-developers] MySQL and N800

From: Demetris demetris at ece.neu.edu
Date: Tue Jan 26 06:45:01 EET 2010
Hi all,

    most likely I will use what Tony has ported for the N800. However, 
poking around
the maemo repos I saw a few links to mysql server and client packages 
(.deb ). Does
anyone know what these are and who the authors are? I tried installing 
them on a
5.2008 N800 but they do not install correctly:



Demetris wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> thanks for the response - I have a feeling you may be right on this 
> one so I will give it a shot
> and let you know how it works out. Either way thanks a bunch for the 
> good help.
> Take care
> Tony Green wrote:
>> On Friday 22 Jan 2010 17:10:47 Demetris wrote:
>>> Hi Tony,
>>>     excellent and thanks for the good info. I am not sure what Java 
>>> libraries I may need to port
>>> but I will give it a shot to see how it behaves. All I need is 
>>> pretty much an elementary table
>>> to be accessed through a servlet I already wrote running under Java 
>>> CDC on the N800. Is
>>> there a J connector available for this port I can use? You said you 
>>> have been using this only
>>> for Perl-based apps so I am not sure if you ever tried any Java apps 
>>> with it.
>> Hi Demetris,
>> I haven't tried any Java applications myself; it's a language I tried 
>> to learn many years ago and gave up because I found its OO nature too 
>> painful to use.
>> My guess would be that it would just be a matter of picking up the 
>> necessary libraries from wherever they can be found (the MySQL 
>> website?) and putting them in the right place. If my understanding of 
>> Java is correct, then the bit-code is architecture-independent. 
>> Though my understanding may well be flawed...
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