[maemo-developers] Build Server Configuration

From: Ed Bartosh bartosh at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 26 14:27:51 EET 2010
2010/1/26 Jeremiah Foster <jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com>:
>>> What about tools like qemu and dpkg-cross? Can't they be used to build debs without scratchbox?
>>> And my goal is not to necessarily get rid of scratchbox, but rather enable alternatives to the current build toolchain.
>> I still don't understand what's so bad with current toolchain and
>> autobuilder? I'm asking not just out of curiosity, but because right
>> now I have some free time and I'm going to spend it to improve
>> autobuilder.
>> My plan I was to implement the following features:
>> - support for multiple packages builds
>> - parallel package builds
>> - improvements for external checks
>> - support for building tags from garage VCS(svn and git)
>> So, if it's not needed and community tends to switch to another build
>> system I'd rather do something more useful.
> Personally I think it is highly useful the work you do.
Thank you.

> What I see as the bottleneck is the political aspect, not the technical aspect.
> Having alternative build environments frees us from having to rely on one autobuilder, one build machine, one process. If we could let in more community resources either through replication or distribution I think we can ease developers lives when the ISP fails to keep the autobuilder up. I realize that we again reach the limit that in order to build, we need proprietary software / tools / blobs so it will be impossible to replicate the current build toolchain, but having an independent, community managed (or assisted) build toolchain would seem to me useful and a worthy goal.

I don't see that community should switch to another build system just
because Maemo server infrastructure hosted on non-reliable ISP. From
my point of veiw these 2 things are not related at all.
All build tools are open. If community don't like this ISP and has
ability to switch to alternative one it can move all infrastructure
there. It has nothing to do with the changing build system.

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