[maemo-developers] Maemo Fremantle and Diablo SDK Virtual Image Final version released

From: Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl
Date: Wed Jan 27 12:00:40 EET 2010
Dnia poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010 o 10:45:50 Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com 
> Hi,
> The Maemo Eclipse Integration 2nd Edition project has released new
>  out-of-the-box ready Maemo SDK Virtual Image based on Ubuntu Intrepid
>  Desktop and supporting VMWare, VirtualBox and QEMU. This new Maemo SDK
>  Virtual Image include full Maemo Fremantle 5.0 SDK and Diablo 4.1.2
>  Development Environments preinstalled.
> Downloadable delivery archive for Desktop image is about 1.6GB and
>  uncompressed image (requires 7-zip for uncompressing) is about 9.5GB, so
>  reserve enough disk space and time when installing it :).

How does it differ from previous VM SDK image?

I am using "PreFinal2" image and upgraded both armel and x86 sbox targets by 
'fakeroot apt-get update/upgrade' so would like to know is there sense to 
fetch those gigabytes.

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