[maemo-developers] Telephone API question - answering a call.

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jan 27 12:52:54 EET 2010

Matan Ziv-Av wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, Dave Neary wrote:
>> And here:
>> https://garage.maemo.org/plugins/wiki/index.php?CSD%20programming%20information&id=1106&type=g
> This does not include answering a call.

I didn't realise you needed any more than this.

This page:

has a link to this file at the top:

which contains this code snippet:

static int answer_call(struct csd_call *call)
	DBusMessage *msg;

	msg = dbus_message_new_method_call(CSD_CALL_BUS_NAME,
	if (!msg) {
		error("Unable to allocate new D-Bus message");
		return -ENOMEM;

	g_dbus_send_message(connection, msg);

	return 0;

and you get the csd_call object by listening for the "Coming" signal as
you can see from the code snippet which is linked to in this page, and
then searching for calls with the "COMING" status:

>> http://wiki.maemo.org/Documentation/Maemo_5_Developer_Guide/DBus/DBus_in_Freemantle

Which I found out in about 15 minutes, reading the links I gave you.

Is this OK now?


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