[maemo-developers] Telephone API question - answering a call.

From: daniel wilms daniel.wilms at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 27 14:26:17 EET 2010
ext Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> While at it:
> * The link above is not under the "Python" category, and is not linked
> from the Upper "DBus" page.
> * The title is incorrect (fremantle vs. freemantle)
> Ok, I know "it's a wiki" motto :), but I want to ask first: isn't
> better to move this content to a Python specific location, e.g.
> http://wiki.maemo.org/PyMaemo ?
+1, as it contains no further description and as it is more an example 
than a proper part of the developer documentation, I would as well go 
for a Python specific location like PyMaemo.

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